Carlos Relvas Stereo Raisonné: launch and presentation by Geoffrey Batchen

The Carlos Relvas Stereo Raisonné is the comprehensive catalogue of Carlos Relvas’s stereoscopic photography. Carlos Relvas (1838-1894) was the most renowned Portuguese photographer in the 19th century. This catalogue draws on an unprecedented research covering ten public and private collections of stereoscopic photography by Relvas which were, for the first time, digitized, catalogued and cross-referenced with their corresponding negatives. As a digital aggregator of physical collections scattered throughout Portugal and abroad, the Carlos Relvas Stereo Raisonné offers a completely new perspective on the early years of Relvas’s photography and on the contribution of stereoscopy for the launch of his international career.

Designed to offer an intuitive and multileveled research, the Carlos Relvas Stereo Raisonné will take you on a journey to hundreds of ‘image families’ combining both negatives and prints, as well as stereoscopic and single-lens photographs.

Prepare your anaglyph glasses and join the launch next 18 June (7PM GMT) at the International Conference on Stereo & Immersive Media! The Carlos Relvas Stereo Raisonné will be presented by the photo historian Geoffrey Batchen, Trinity College — University of Oxford.

  • Published: 8 June, 2021
  • Modified: 6 December, 2021

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