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Volumetric Cinema (UL)

Volumetric cinema corresponds to the future direction of the cinematic experience, when screens and 2d will no longer be the dominant model of conveying that experience. Volumetric cinema surpasses stereoscopic cinema and 360º not only in terms of quality but also in potential applications. Inspired by the volumetric cinema project at MIT (2019), this lab will explore the potential of holographic cinema and the entrancing visualization of 360-degree 3D holographic cinema.

Immersive Sound (SZFE)

Immersive sound corresponds to the 360º experimentation of sound as it happens in the actual world. This lab will be dedicated to the production and post-production of immersive sound for application in multiple areas.

The Story Lab (IADT)

The Story-lab will be the central hub for storytelling techniques and development, allowing for the main task of the film maker – good storytelling – to be explored in a supported and specially designed environment.

Virtual Production is critical as real-time technology is transforming the art of filmmaking, with next-generation virtual production tools allowing for real-time rendering of environments in camera.


The infrastructure of the XR Lab will consist of the most recent experience technologies for games, mobile applications, web applications, photo and film. The XR Lab will allow filmmakers, artists, students and researchers to investigate how these technologies can be deployed in different contexts and how they can stimulate awareness, learning and experience. Possible areas of application are film and game production, education, citizen participation and entertainment. The XR Lab will focus both on researching and designing applications with the use of these new technologies as well as on exploring new forms of user interaction with these applications. The infrastructure consists of, among others, VR and Augmented Reality technology, holographic technology, 360 degrees’ projection and 360 degrees’ audio infrastructure, 3D technology, motion capture infrastructure, brain-computer interfaces, sensory feedback, gesture control, etc.

MOOC Course “Entrepreneurship for the creative industries”

MOOC course on entrepreneurship for the creative industries to be made available both to audiences inside and outside of the Alliance. MOOC to be taught in English language and all languages in the Alliance since this will also be offered as an optional subject in all MA degrees offered by the Alliance.

Lifelong Learning

A recent position paper by EFAD – European Film Agency Directors highlights how lifelong learning is crucial for the future of European Film and the creative industries and argues as a key priority that “High-quality film schools, training through short courses and lifelong learning are all crucial to ensuring that the European film sector is sustainable”. Following this, we consider as fundamental that FILMEU develops a lifelong programme that allows the Alliance to intervene in this domain making it even more relevant across the cultural and creative industries knowledge triangle. In order to ensure we are able to develop a programme that corresponds to actual industry needs, we have brought on board as associated partner, the Erich Pommer Institute, that has a depth of experience working in this field and that will cooperate with the Alliance in designing and implementing this offer. This activity concerns the assessment of lifelong learning needs in Europe in the field in cooperation with EPI, ELIA and CILECT and the design of the overall programme the Alliance will implement in the future.

Using the Lusofona X platform developed in Work Package 8 and Work Package 5 this activity will pilot the implementation of a maximum of eight courses in the lifelong learning programme. As with the previous activity, the pilot will be conducted in partnership with associated partners EPI, ELIA and CILECT.

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