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Victor Flores

Victor Flores holds a PhD in Sciences of Communication from Nova University of Lisbon. He is an Associate Professor and Head of the PhD Program in Media Arts at Lusofona University, in Lisbon. He currently works as a full time researcher at the research centre CICANT, where he runs the Early Visual Media Lab. He is the founding organizer of the International Conference on Stereo & Immersive Media: Photography, Sound and Cinema Research, and the principal editor of the corresponding International Journal on Stereo & Immersive Media. He has been organizing and curating since 2018 the 'Catalogue Raisonné of Carlos Relvas's Stereoscopic Photography', an online searchable database that allows the first comprehensive presentation of Carlos Relvas's stereoscopic work (prints and negatives from 1862 to 1874). He currently lectures on graduate and postgraduate courses in photography, visual culture and media arts. In 2019 he was the editor for the book 'The Third Image. Stereoscopic Photography in Portugal' (Documenta). Since 2015 he has curated several exhibitions dedicated to stereoscopic photography. In 2020 he has joined the administration board of the ‘Fundación para la Difusión de la Fotografía y Estereoscopía Histórica FBS’ in Madrid.