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Robby Clerebout

Robby Clerebout is a faculty member at the game design department of LUCA School of Arts since 2013. His expertise is in game design and storytelling, making the connection between games as systems and games as experiences. He graduated from the film school RITCS as a filmmaker and has since worked to combine story, play and education. To explore these topics further he studied at the university of Antwerp, master Filmstudies and visual culture, where his skills on story in games took shape. To take further steps towards an educational profile, he achieved a teacher's degree, also at the university of Antwerp. As a researcher and game designer he contributed to projects such as Plant Kingdom (an educational board game for children that integrated the base principles of a sustainable forest garden and changed with the seasons, in cooperation with Nadine VZW), Friend Zone (a digital escape room at Technopolis for high-schoolers about the pitfalls of social media) and Hostilia (currently running, a research group that looks at games to enhance aggression trainings in the health sector).