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Nicky Vreys

Nicky Vreys is a faculty member of the game design department of the LUCA school of arts. In 2010 he obtained a masters degree in Illustration and joined the research department of the PXL to work as a visual artist on different game related research projects (GameHUB, MaxiClass, GAMES). There he developed an interest in the broader field of gamedesign and expanded his interests towards conceptual and systemic game design.

Around 2012 he started teaching design related courses on the communication and media design department of the Khlim. When the second specialization in game design started he shifted most of his attention towards the new specialization. Throughout the years he helped refine and expand the curriculum to the point that it’s now an independent department.

The combination of teaching on a game and interaction design department and his involvement in different research projects helped him build up a broad knowledge base and skillset ranging from electronics, programming and visual arts to concept design.

This is also reflected in his work as an independent freelance designer. This ranges from illustration work (Bosland) to graphic design and game design (Technopolis).