Kasper Jordaens

Before smashing bits together and hacking APIs to whip up prototypes for second screen apps, Kasper Jordaens (°1981) worked for the artist Wim Delvoye to make contemporary art sculptures using his favorite tools: a computer and his creativity. During 5 years of exploring computer technology there, he evolved from an engineer architect into an Internet technologist. In 2009 VRT-medialab licensed him to experiment with new technology. There he helped moving the second screen into the real-time era and contribute concepts and technology to the public broadcaster. iMinds MiX was a continuation as well a whole new lab that needed to be bootstrapped. Kasper used this opportunity to help define the first projects in the new Media Innovation Center. After putting forward a new lab in 'de krook', a public building in the center of Ghent, Kasper worked as a solution designer and ICON innovation manager for imec. Right now Kasper is focusing his energy on the new polymath lab at LUCA school of arts. It's a hub connecting research, education and industry in the broad context of art and topics like immersive and AI.

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