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Daniela d’Or

Daniela d’Or was born in Coimbra. She started exploring her art at 6. She was involved in the project “Orquestra geração” in Sintra, playing the double bass until 2014. Then she made study’s in Lyon for a year to learn french and also integrate into a music school to continue practising the double bass. In 2015, she came back to Portugal and started studying at the National Conservatory of Music, playing with the wind orchestra and also the young orchestra of Lisbon. In 2017 she started to explore her love for acting, so she started studying at the Theatre School in Cascais and, at the weekends, she was doing sewing classes to also learn one more thing she loved. In 2018, she left music school to focus on theatre. The theatre high school finished in 2020 and she decided to study one more art - cinema - Since then, she is a bachelor's student at Lusófona University. In the first year, she joined the FilmEU project in the audiovisual team and in the second year she did the pilot project in Belgium. Now, as a third-year film student, she aspires to be a director, producer and actress, full of knowledge about different arts and experiences. She works well with teams and is always ready to learn with an enthusiastic attitude. Her favourite hobbies are travelling, exploring her style and talking about life.