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Carolina Martins

Carolina Martins has worked as a cultural producer in areas such as contemporary dance, literature, visual arts and music. She has degrees in Art Studies and Literary and Cultural Studies (University of Coimbra) and is currently a doctoral candidate in the Advanced Studies Program in Materialities of Literature (CLP/FLUC – University of Coimbra). She has explored the experimentation and disciplinary interrelation in the digital area and some of her works were present in international art festivals, such as PLUNC 2015 (Lisbon, Portugal), FILE 2017 (São Paulo, Brazil), ELO 2017 (Porto , Portugal) and the FOLIO 2017 (Óbidos, Portugal). More recently, she published the artist book like glass (2019, with João Carola), which evolved to the installation VAST/O (Atelier Concorde, 2019; Banco das Artes Galeria, 2020). The poem “my name is ana” —again in partnership with João Carola— was published in the international anthology of Abstract Comics “Autofagia” (Selo Risco Impresso) and the authors also published a chapter concerning VAST/O—VAST/O Exhibition (De)Construction: Exploring the Potentials of Augmented Abstract Comics and Animation Installations as a Method to Communicate Health Experiences— in the “Seeing Comics through Art History” volume, part of Palgrave’s collection of Studies in Comics and graphic Novels. She self-published several comics-poem zines and her first solo comic book is called Sudden Death Hunters (2022).