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Ana David Mendes

Ana David Mendes is a Ph.D. candidate in Contemporary Art at University of Coimbra. She is specialized in Museology. Recently she received a PhD Research Scholarship through CICANT (Centre for Research in Applied Communication, Culture, and New Technologies) for the project Curiositas: Peeping Before Virtual Reality. A Media Archaeology of Immersion Through VR and Iberian Cosmoramas.” She has been coordinator and artistic curator of BAG- Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art, since 2018. Co-founder of m|i|mo (Museum of the Moving Image) in 1996, she was its scientific and artistic coordinator until 2017. Since 1999 she has developed several innovative exhibitions such as the interactive project Oficina do Olhar [The Eye Workshop], created in 2010, and that exemplifies her passion in mediating museum collection contents through new technologies while at the same time enabling research and stimulating artistic and creative re-imaginings of artefacts.

Since 2013 she has participated in three research projects of CICANT, related to stereoscopic photography coordinated by Victor Flores. She is currently co-investigator in the research project The Amazing Optical Machine: Workshop /Rational Recreation / Exhibition; coordinated by Rod Bantjes, from St.Francis Xavier University, Canada.